What are “additional points” awarded for?

In Battlefield 3, sometimes at the end of a round, after my awards come in, I’ll get one last bit of exp that’s just called “additional points”. It never counts towards any kit or weapon, just my rank.

It comes after I receive all of my points for ribbons or unlocks, and it doesn’t come in the same batch. It has no picture next to it at all, it just says “Additional Points – +200”

I’ve had it about 4 times now, and every time it’s only been 200 extra points.

What are these additional points awarded for?


Sometimes the game will “forget” where certain points came from, and award them under additional points.

For example, I just received 2820 additional points BUT my jet score said that I’d scored 0 that round, but I’d actually scored the exact amount that I received in my additional points. It only forgot for the after round tally, as when I checked my vehicle tab, it remembered my actual amount of jet experience (I’d levelled up).

So it seems the varying amounts may be due to for instance, it not remembering that you got a particular ribbon, or a particular service medal.

Here’s a video explaining what I mean. It’s pretty bad quality, but as you can see, my jet score shows up as 0 when it’s tallying points, and I gain 2820 “additional points”. Then later when I switch to my vehicles tab, jets has +2820 experience.

Also, as of Back to Karkand (and I’m assuming future expansions will do this too) any assignments you complete will award you 5000 “Additional Points”.

Additionally, any XP earned during a double XP weekend will earn you the same amount of XP extra under Additional Points.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mr Smooth , Answer Author : kalina

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