What are all the effects of hacking a system?

I’ve noticed that the hacking drone sometimes provide additional benefits while hacking a system in addition to removing it from play for a while.

For example, hacking an medbay will cause the room to damage instead of heal. Hacking a battery will drain power rather than provide power.

What are the effects of hacking on each system/subsystem?


All the info is given in the tooltips, but here’s a run-down:

  • Shields: Drain power from shields, disabling them if enough power is drained in time
  • Engines: Makes the target’s Evasion stat visible just by being attached, and makes it zero when hacking
  • Weapons: Makes charge level visible even if sensors don’t allow it, and drains when hacking
  • Oxygen: Drains O2 from the ship, and shows the enemy’s O2 level
  • Medbay: Hurts instead of healing
  • Clone Bay: Kills any clones that are being restored
  • Drone Control: May cause drones to self-destruct in addition to the temporary disabling.
  • Hacking: Same as Drone Control
  • Mind Control: MC’s an enemy crew member instead of your own; combined with your own MC this can be particularly devastating.
  • Teleporter: Instantly recalls enemy boarders from your ship back to theirs
  • Cloaking: Prevents cloaking. I think it also drags the ship out of cloak if used during a cloak. No effect if Cloak is recharging, so make sure icon is not flashing blue when you hack.
  • Artillery: Same as Weapons but only for that item
  • Piloting: Same as Engines, but generally more useful because you can also trap the pilot.
  • Sensors: Disables them like a Nebula. No discernible effect on enemy ships because the Computer is a Cheating Bastard. On the plus side, it does prevent enemy MC since they can’t see you (unless you’re on their ship, or they fire a bomb, temporarily revealing a room), but you’re better off hacking their MC in the first place.
  • Doors: Makes doors into Blast Doors, but only allows your crew through when boarding
  • Battery: Drains power instead of adding it.

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