What are all the status effects and what do they mean?

I’ve seen numerous different status effects pop out of enemies. Some are somewhat self explanatory, but others are not. A few of the effects I have seen:

  • Snared
  • Rooted
  • Block
  • Attack Slowed
  • Frozen
  • Immune

Some of these, such as Immune, are pretty obvious at first, but “Immunity” in Diablo 2 was simply very high resistance that could be reduced enough to break the immunity. What do these status effects actually mean and what others are there?


  • Snared: Your character is slowed down. The magnitude of the slow effect varies depending on what’s doing the snaring.

  • Rooted: Unable to move from your current position.

  • Attack Slowed: You swing your weapons more slowly.

  • Chilled: Snared + Attack Slowed

  • Frozen: Mostly the same as stunned, but certain skills, like the Wizard’s Frost Nova’s Shatter Rune, cause frozen enemies to behave differently. Frozen enemies leave no corpse.

  • Immune: Immune to whatever status effect you’re trying to apply. This can be knockback, stun, snared, or any other status effect, depending on the individual in question. Bottom line – one or more of your status effects isn’t “sticking”, so to speak. Unlike Diablo II, no monster in Diablo III is supposed to be immune to a damage type (though they might have high resistances).

  • Knockback: Physically moves the target away from the origin of the attack.

  • Stunned: Rooted, and unable to attack.

  • Charmed: Fight other monsters instead of the player

  • Feared: Running in fear, unable to take action or control direction of movement.

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Raven Dreamer

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