What are ChuChu Jelly utilities?

What are the Chu Chu Jellies’ utilities?

Can they be used in other contexts than making potions?


ChuChu Jelly (the blue kind) can be ’empowered’ into the various colors of elemental ChuChu jelly by exposing it to that element. (I.e. For red jelly, put it in a fire, for white jelly, put it down in a cold snowy area, etc.)

Elemental ChuChu jelly, like the ChuChu’s themselves, explodes when impacted in an elemental burst. Icy jelly will freeze enemy, red jelly will start fires and detonate explosives, etc. you can abuse this by, for example, placing a jelly on the ground and firing an arrow at it to detonate it.

In addition, the elemental ChuChu Jellies are more valuable. Potions made with them rather than regular jelly will be more valuable. The easiest way to use it is to drop a large amount of regular jelly on or near a fire, then make potions using several of the Red ChuChu jelly.

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