What are Iron nuggets and what can they be used for?

Just today, a new version of Minecraft was released. It features a few bug fixes, updates to the attack damage indicator added in 1.9, sword attacks, and Elytra functionality. It also adds Iron Nuggets.

What are Iron Nuggets? How can they be used? Can they be found in chests?


An Iron Nugget is a craftable, renewable, non-placeable item. It has a texture resembling that of the Gold Nugget, recolored and turned 90° to the left, to prevent mistaking the item as a Ghast Tear. Its ID is minecraft:iron_nugget.

There are only two methods to obtain Iron Nuggets:

  1. Crafting an ingot to get 9 nuggets.
    Crafting an Iron Ingot into Iron Nuggets.

  2. Smelting any iron tool or any iron or chain armor, including horse armor, obtains a single nugget.
    Smelting a chain helm into an iron nugget.

There are four other recipes involving Iron Nuggets as a component: Iron Ingots, Chains, Lanterns and Soul Lanterns:

Iron Ingot, Chain, Lantern and Soul Lantern crafting recipes

Image source: Minecraft Wiki

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