What are Nidhogg’s actual controls?

Nidhogg’s control assignment screen and “how to play” menu option are rather… uninformative. Sure, I can move and jump and attack, but the controls clearly do far more than is immediately apparent; for instance, holding up and pressing attack will throw your sword. There also seems to be some condition under which you can disarm your opponent (or be disarmed yourself), but I have no idea when that happens.

So what are Nidhogg’s actual controls? What sorts of moves can I do under which circumstances by entering in a series of inputs?


Here you go, I searched around for the same thing earlier so I thought I’d share.

You may change your key configuration by clicking the button at the at
the bottom-right of the screen at the Start menu. Alternatively, you
may find the button in “How to Play”. You may have to move a bit
before the button appears.

These controls are actually for two players using the same keyboard.
But I’ll list what I found most optimal for single player.

Lateral Movement: Left and Right
Duck: Down | S
Jump: G (I recommend changing this to Space)
Roll: Down while moving
Crawl: Move left or right while ducking
Get Up: Left or Right while knocked down
Raise Sabre: Up | W
Lower Sabre: Down | S
Pick Up Sabre: Down | S
Lunge: F
Prepare Sabre for Throwing: Hold Up or W beyond the highest sabre position
Throw Sabre: F while sabre is held aloft
Instantly Throw Sabre: Up and F simultaneously
Dive-Kick: F while in the air
Trip: F while crouched
Punch: F while disarmed
Snap Neck: F while opponent is downed
En Garde Stance: Run left and then hold right, while continuing to hold left. Or vice versa.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tacroy , Answer Author : Justin

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