What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a werewolf?

Before I decide whether or not I would like to become a werewolf, I’d like to know what I’ll have to deal with. Whether this means being stronger, or having an appetite for human flesh, what are the advantages and disadvantages associated with becoming a werewolf?

I’m particularly interested in if there are any difference between the different races when they become werewolves. For instance, is there any difference between if an orc becomes a werewolf, to if a Khajiit becomes a werewolf?


While in regular form, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between werewolves and non-werewolves, but when you transform, you get a ton of benefits and drawbacks:


  • Increased max health by 100 (non-regenerating)
  • Increased max stamina by 100
  • Faster sprint speed
  • Wolves no longer attack you
  • Committing crimes in beast form don’t count against your normal form
  • Immunity to all diseases, including vampirism (also cures vampirism if you have it)
  • Special, werewolf-only abilities like howls


  • No looting (when a werewolf)
  • No inventory or equipment access (when a werewolf)
  • No talking (when a werewolf)
  • People either run away from you, cower, or attack you (no friendly humanoid NPCs) (when a werewolf)
  • If someone sees you transform, it’s automatically a crime
  • No rested bonus
  • If caught transforming in public it’s 1,000 gold bounty to pay

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