What are the Altars to Kali for?

In many levels there appears to be an Altar to Kali. What purpose does it serve and how can I use it?


Damaging an altar (either with bombs or by enemies/traps while you’re in the level) will result in punishments:

  • Damage an altar once and you will get a lot of spiders after you.
  • Damage once twice and you’ll also get a ball a chain that you have to drag around the level.
  • Damage one a third time and the level will also go dark and a ghost will be summoned. Unless you’re right next to an exit you are unlikely survive this.

Sacrifice items to an altar to get rewards:

  • Drop a gold idol to get a golden monkey that runs around the level crapping gold. I think this might eventually net more gold than the idol would have given you, but it’s hard keeping the monkey alive.
  • Drop a stunned (or dead) enemy to please Kali a little.
  • Drop a stunned damsel to please Kali a lot – one damsel is enough for a random item reward.

Please Kali enough and you get the Kapala – a skull cup that gives you back health from bleeding enemies.

Source : Link , Question Author : Keith , Answer Author : Keith

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