What are the conditions and effects of grabbing a suppressed enemy?

Inspired by this question: What happens if you use Skarner’s ultimate and then Flash? we can ask what does happen when an ally grabs a pulled-by-skarner enemy?

  • Does it cancel Skarner’s ultimate and get the champ, what about the damages?
  • Does it fails ? (And do or don’t consume the ability)
  • Does it drag both players ? (unlikely)

This question can also be generalised to other suppress abilities.


Suppression does not prevent move-block abilities from having their normal effect.

Malzahar’s ultimate has a leash range, it is possible to cancel a friendly Malzahar’s ultimate by pulling the target out of leash range. If your move block does not place the victim outside of leash range, Malzahar’s ultimate will complete as normal.

Warwick’s ultimate does not have a leash range (but see below). If you move his victim, he will continue to channel and deal damage while appearing to savage thin air.

This youtube shows a Blitz grab connecting shortly after Skarner’s ultimate begins:

Skarner’s ultimate will not be broken by move-block abilities – instead, it will override the move black shortly after it begins with its own effect.

ETA: Xypherous recently announced planned changes to Malzahar & Warwick’s ultimates:

We’re doing a change (or a bugfix, depending on your point of view) on
both Warwick and Malzahar. Their ultimates will be treated like
leashes… because they kind of are. (You can’t QSS leashes. You can
only break them via distance.)

What this means is that QSS will break the stunning effect on you but
until you get out of range of them, it won’t cancel the damage and
other effects these characters will be doing. Malzahar will get his
full Nether Grasp until they break the leash and Warwick typically
gets 2 (maybe 3) more swipes before the target walks away.

Source : Link , Question Author : M’vy , Answer Author : 01d55

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