What are the criteria of becoming a target for turrets in Prey (2017)?

I know that if you purchase too many Typhon abilities, you will be counted as alien by various Talos-1 systems like the turrets. And there is icon indicating how much you are transformed towards that.

I’ve purchased 2 abilities at a cost of 3 and 2 neuromods each. This caused the icon to fill to half. I concluded that I will be counted as an alien after purchasing either 2 more abilities or spending 4 more neuromods on typhon abilities. Yet after purchasing a single 2 neuromod cost ability I am getting a full icon.

I’ve also purchased few abilities from “Scientist” branch, for increased Psi capacity and for additional chips for Psychoscope, but I doubt those are counted as typhon abilities.

So, how is this actually counted? Or is the indicator not really indicating the exact process of transformation?


According to users in this thread, the general consensus is that it takes 3 Typhon skill activations to be considered alien enough to be targeted by turrets.

Third one will designate you as a target.

for me it was three.

Nah, I did three separate skills and they started attacking after the third for me as well.

For me it took 3 but some turrets attack me and some don’t

3 but honestly turrets most of the time when you enter an area will be dead or you can just emp them then hack them.

Source : Link , Question Author : lentinant , Answer Author : Community

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