What are the different events that can happen on a Salmon Run Map?

Started Salmon Run today, and in some rounds, the map change or there is an event of some kind.

There seem to be a lower tide version (where you fight on the beach of the map), a higher tide version (where you can only play on upper parts of the maps), some fireflies thing, where enemies were quick and super aggressive, and I heard sometimes there’s fog.

What possible “events” can happen on a map and what do they do?


According to one Reddit guide, there are 9 different events. I’ve summarized and listed them below, but the guide goes into much further detail:

  • Low Tide – the water level decreases and egg collection moves
  • High Tide – the water level increases
  • Fog – visibility is limited. The guide notes that other events can occur during fog
  • Night – Similar to Fog, and appears to happen more often with the Griller or Mothership event
  • Grillers – Grillers spawn in conjunction with Night
  • Cohock Charge – Lots of Cohocks spawn and some cannons will also be available
  • The Mothership – Spawns a helicopter that drops crates that spawn enemies. One of the harder events according to the guide, and probably won’t even happen unless you have around 180%-190% paygrade
  • Firefly/Rush – Lots of Salmonids spawn and move faster than normal towards players with fireflies on them.
  • Goldie Seeking – Lots of inkjet gushers appear spawning Salmonids and one Goldie. You can tell which gusher will spawn the Goldie by how much golden light is coming off of it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Fredy31 , Answer Author : Timmy Jim

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