What are the equipment restrictions for NPC/Hirelings in Diablo 2?

I am playing my way through Nightmare Diablo 2 on Battle.net closed servers and because of the swarming that’s occurring I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get a hireling to come help out.

My act 1 hireling seemed to be restricted to bow weapons. My act 2 defensive hireling comes with a spiffy cold effect but seeems to be restricted to pole arms, without a shield regardless of the class of pole arm (ie 1 handed pole arms should allow a shield, but don’t).

What are the restrictions on hirelings and what other bonuses might I discover?


Those Hirelings are also known as Mercenaries.
As listed on Diablowiki.net only the weapon and off-hand slots have restrictions as followed:

Rouge Scouts (Act I)

  • Only Bows (NO Crossbows or Amazon only Bows)
  • can use Cold Arrow
    or Fire Arrow in addition to Inner Sight

Desert Mercenaries (Act II)

  • Spears, Javelins and Polearms (no Amazon only equipment)
  • use Jab Attack and have a Aura dependent on type and difficulty they were
    bought in:

. |Normal/Hell|Nightmare |
Combat |Prayer |Thorns |
Offense|Blessed Aim|Might |
Defense|Defiance |Holy Freeze|

Iron Wolves (Act III)

  • Shield and Sword
  • skills depend on type:

    Inferno or Fireball for Fire
    Glacial Spike, Ice Blast, Frozen Armor for Cold
    Charged Bolt and Lightning Bolt for Lightning

  • they will not hit much with the sword – look for caster-bonus on it (for example, Spirit runeword)!

Barbarians (Act V)

  • Barbarian class-specific items, one sword (no dual-wielding)
  • use Bash and Stun

Additionally to the type restrictions, mercenaries follow the items requirements for Strength, Dexterity and Level.
Back when I played Diablo II, act II Mercenaries were the most common choice due to their buff-auras.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tharius , Answer Author : Trang Oul

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