What are the essential Starcraft 2 maps for training?

I’ve seen a number of mentions to several maps that help improve your Starcraft 2 gameplay. Two I’ve heard often are Yet Another Build Order Trainer (YABOT) and the Multitasking trainer. (I’ll post them as answers – marked as community wiki, I’m not rep whoring!)

What other training maps are available? One answer per post please.


Multitasking Trainer

On the bottom left side of the map is your starting position and right above that is a terran base. Your purpose is to create an army and destroy the enemy base. The terran will attack and/or drop you at several points in time depending on the difficulty setting. There is also a neutral unit at the island on the right side that you have to rescue and bring back to your base.

The tricky part is that in the top right side of the map you control a probe that is constantly being chased by a zergling. So you need to manage your base, defend the attacks and save the neutral unit, all while microing the probe to keep it from dying. This is a great way to practice not only your early game scouting but also your multitasking and hotkey usage.

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