What are the keyboard shortcuts of Civilization 5?

What are the keyboard shortcuts in Civilization V?


Keyboard shortcuts of Civilization 5

General Hotkeys

F1         Civilopedia
F2         Economic info
F3         Military info
F4         Diplomacy info
F5         Social Policies Screen
F6         Tech Screen
F7         Notification Log
F8         Victory Progress
F9         Demographics
F10        Strategic View
F11        Quick Save
F12        Quick Load
G          Hex Grid
Esc        Menu
Enter      End Turn
Period     Next Unit
Comma      Previous Unit
-          Zoom Out
+          Zoom in
Insert     Capital City View
Home       Capital City View
End        Capital City View
Page Up    Zoom in
Page Down  Zoom Out
Ctrl+R     Show Resources Icons
Y          Yield Icons
Ctrl+O     Game Options
Ctrl+S     Save
Ctrl+L     Load
Ctrl+Space End Turn

General Unit Hotkeys

M          Move Mode
E          Explore (Automated)
A          Alert
F          Sleep
Space      Do Nothing
U          Upgrade unit (if in your own territory)

Action Hotkeys

Delete     Delete Unit
Ctrl+A     Attack
Ctrl+B     Ranged
S          Set up Artillery
H          Fortify Until Healed

Air Unit Hotkeys

Alt+R      Rebase Mode
S          Air Strike Mode
Alt+S      Air Sweep
I          Intercept
N          Nuke Mode

Civilian Unit Hotkeys

B          Found City
A          Build Improvements (automated)
R          Construct a Railroad
R          Construct a Road
Alt+R      Route to Mode
Alt+C      Remove a Jungle
Alt+C      Clear a Marsh
T          Construct a Trading Post
H          Construct a Camp
I          Construct a Farm
N          Construct a Mine
P          Construct a Plantation
Q          Construct a Quarry
P          Construct a Pasture
F          Construct a Fort
O          Create a Well
F          Create Fishing Boats
O          Create Offshore Platform
Alt+C      Remove Forest
Backspace  Cancel Last Mission
L          Construct a Lumber Mill
C          Citadel

Have fun =)


Source : Link , Question Author : Daniel C. Sobral , Answer Author : Crowbeak

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