What are the regional Pokémon?

I have heard that there are some Pokémon that are region specific. Could someone please clarify which Pokémon are region specific and in which regions that they can be found in?


  • Farfetch’d > Asia
  • Kangaskhan > Australia
  • Mr. Mime > Europe
  • Tauros > North America(*)

region specific Pokemon

Several communities confirmed those (including The Silph Road), Niantic didn’t.

(*) South America is likely to have Tauros as well. This has been posted on Reddit several times (Tauros apparently got caught in Brazil), but not enough to confirm this as true. Feel free to update this once there’s proof. Until then this stands as Tauros is for North America only.

Source : Link , Question Author : B17 , Answer Author : dly

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