What are the two ‘hidden’ achievements, and how do I get them?

In BrowserQuest, the achievements list includes 2 that are denoted only as ??? / ???


I’ve already defeated the ‘final boss’ and completed all of the other achievements (Ignore the 16/20 there, the 2 I’m missing amount to ‘get hit a lot of times’).

What are these last two medals, and how do I get them?


One of them is in the cave behind three ogres and four pillars. always take the left most door (on the top or bottom, even if you just came through it.)

The other one is in town, on the far right. Go through the portal (the sparkly bridge thingy), wait for the item to spawn, interact with it.

Source : Link , Question Author : LessPop_MoreFizz , Answer Author : seeback

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