What are the weaknesses of the Miracle Rogue deck?

I just played against two Miracle Rogues directly after each other, and both defeated me with ease. I almost felt like a passive observer, there was almost nothing I could have done to change the outcome of the game. They keep killing all my minions, and at some point I just get hit by a shadow-stepped Leeroy and die.

My first instinct was to kill the Gadgetzan Auctioneer, without it they can’t pull off their crazy combos. But that is pretty much impossible if they stealth them immediately and you don’t have access to spells that can deal that much damage to stealthed targets.

What are the weaknesses of a Miracle Rogue deck? How should I play against this deck, and how can I prevent them from getting off their deadly combos? I’m using a Warlock Zoo deck right now, but I’d be interested in answers that also apply to other decks.


1) Rush decks, as mentioned in some of the comments, can flat out kill a miracle rogue deck before it can set up its combo. Rogues don’t have particularly good mass removal.

2) Lots of taunt spread out across multiple creatures. Some folks recommend divine shields as well (e.g. Sunwalker). But you don’t want to blow all your mana on a single card or the rogue is just going to sap it. Look for 3-5 health minions, to avoid Backstab one-shots, and to make it card intensive for him to clear your board.

3) Well-timed secrets when you think his combo is coming soon, can stall him or cause him difficulty choosing how to navigate past them. Ice Block, Vaporize, etc… Even Counterspell can break up his combo. He won’t want to attempt it until all your secrets are cleared.

Acidic swamp ooze might be useful to nuke some of his removal if he’s stacking Deadly Poison on the Assassin’s Blade. Depends on your deck.

Edit (update):

4) Random or Area targeted spells that can take out the Auctioneer while he’s Concealed are useful against this deck.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mad Scientist , Answer Author : spudone

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