What can give me near-infinite storage?

I have a lot of things. I need a place to store them all.

Barrels store only one thing, but a lot of that one thing.
Applied Energetics systems store 63 types of things per drive.
Chests, are well, chests. The best is the diamond one.

I am a greedy person and want a way to store all my things without taking too much space. What do I do? I am using the Ultimate pack in Feed The Beast.


Deep Storage Units.

A lot of space is taken by the same thing spanning multiple ‘slots’ in an ME drive. Cobblestone is the worst offender in my system. A single crafting will net you 4 DSUs, and putting the 4 biggest volume items in DSUs tripled my space when I got full. They’re cheaper than drives, if you have one item that you need to store a LOT of.

For easy management of the contents, I’d recommend an ME network using a Storage Bus. If you right-click it with a wrench while sneaking, you can set the Storage Bus to have a higher priority than any ME Storage Drive. The movement is bi-directional, too, so you can extract items using your ME Access!

If you are using an ME Export Bus to move contents to the Deep Storage Unit before hooking it up to your ME Network, take care to attach it to an input face. This can be configured using the DSU GUI. A Storage Bus, however, is able to both deposit and withdraw using an output side.

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