What can I do if I’m starving and I have no food?

I’m not sure how am I supposed to handle food in Pixel Dungeon: apparently you find it at random, and if you don’t happen to find it, you’ll just starve to death. Is that normal behaviour, or I’m missing something?

Everything else, AFAIK, is just matter of strategy+tactics, luck helps but you can manage to go on anyway… but with food, not quite.


I can advise you not to eat when hungry, but when only starving. Even then, starvation only starts to drain life after a while. And healing potion is the most commonly found potion in the game, which helps sustaining hunger a lot easier.
There is a piece of food on every floor. Explore each floor until you’ve found it.

  • Being a warrior would make your life easier since they gain 5hp when they eat.
  • Being a rogue is fool-proof since being one makes your hunger drain slower.
  • Giant Piranhas which are found in flooded vaults always drop a mystery meat when killed.
    • You can kill them safely by holding the door open via throwing an item into the door or burning it
    • A throwing weapon will help you stay alive
  • Warlocks gain health and hunger when they kill mobs
  • You can sleep to regain health when not in range of any mobs, effectively exchanging health in expense of hunger; then use that health gained to survive more ticks of starvation.

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