What can I do if the game disconnects while a Pokemon is being caught?

Sometimes when attempting to capture a Pokémon, the mon will be wiggling in the ball and the app will disconnect from servers (for mobile connection reasons or whatever), and I’ll be left staring at a ball containing Schrodinger’s Pokémon. I’ll sigh at the loss (or in the case of a 500CP Pinsir, scream in agony), and reload the game.

I thought maybe encounters in general couldn’t handle disconnecting well, but sometimes immediately after a Pokémon broke free of a ball, the little icon in the upper left would appear, the game would stall for a bit, but it would recover.

Is there anything I can do to avoid this? Should I be waiting it out, instead of reloading?

(and before anyone says it, yes I have filed a bug report)


As many other server connection issues, there is not much we can do on our end aside from reloading the app. If in the event you experience server connection issues while catching a Pokemon and watching the sitting-pokeball-of-saddness, the in-game mechanics may still work, although not guaranteed.

As personal experience has shown me, this is what I have discovered what may happen

  1. If you reload the app and the Pokemon is still there, it means it broke free and you can just try again
  2. If you reload the app and the Pokemon has disappeared, check your journal. The Pokemon may have been captured after all and will be shown in the history.
  3. If you reload the app and the Pokemon has disappeared and it is not in your journal, then Pokemon has escaped the battle and is no longer visible. Your journal may log the encounter, but it will say “{pokemon} ran away!”

Among further monitoring, this has been my experience in the past 24 hours.

  1. Encountered a 283 Beedrill, notoriously breaking free; wasting a good 20+ Pokeballs. After three attempts of server disconnections/reloading, Beedrill appeared everytime. Third time’s a charm, Beedrill was eventually was caught even while the Pokeball was sitting there

  2. Encountered a 137 Krabby, which server connections occurred on first Pokeball throw. After I waited a few seconds for the spinning-pokeball-of-death to go away and let the connection refresh, I reloaded the app to see Krabby was caught and appear in my journal/Pokelist.

Source : Link , Question Author : jackwise , Answer Author : Wondercricket

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