What can I find in the uncommon and rare item packs?

I’m getting destroyed in multiplayer and I’m trying to decide whether or not I should buy some of the cheap 5000 credit packs just so I can hopefully get some new weapons, or if I should save up for one of the rare packs and hope I get something awesome.

However, I have no sense of what kinds of things to expect in the more expensive packs.

  • What types of rare and uncommon items exist?

  • Is there a list somewhere that says which items you can get in the rare and uncommon packs, similar to how a game like Magic: The Gathering has a master list of all the cards in a set?

I need to know what’s possible so I can make a better informed decision about how to spend the few credits that I actually manage to scrape together.


There are four rarity levels in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer trading card packs.

  • Blue – Common.
  • Silver – Uncommon
  • Gold – Rare
  • Black – N7 or “Ultra-Rare”

Recruit Packs and Veteran Packs have the same potential items, though Veteran packs have a better chance at Silver and Gold (like the description says). The only way to get N7 items is from Spectre packs.

Here’s the full list of what’s what:



  • Human Vanguard
  • Human Soldier
  • Human Infiltrator
  • Human Engineer
  • Human Adept
  • Human Sentinel


  • Turian Soldier
  • Turian Sentinel
  • Asari Vanguard
  • Quarian Infiltrator [note: makes Geth weaksauce]
  • Drell Adept
  • Salarian Engineer


  • Krogan Soldier
  • Krogan Sentinel
  • Asari Adept
  • Drell Vanguard
  • Quarian Engineer
  • Salarian Infiltrator

Note: Opening a class you already have gives an XP boost and unlocks a new customization option.



  • M3 Predator (Pistol)
  • M23 Katana (Shotgun)
  • M8 Avenger (Rifle)
  • M92 Mantis (Sniper)
  • M4 Shuriken (SMG)


  • M5 Phalanx (Pistol)
  • M9 Tempest (SMG)
  • M27 Scimitar (Shotgun)
  • M22 Eviscerator (Shotgun)
  • M96 Mattock (Rifle)
  • M15 Vindicator (Rifle)
  • M97 Viper (Sniper)
  • M29 Incisor (Sniper)
  • M13 Raptor (Sniper?)
  • M12 Locust (SMG)
  • Phaeston (Rifle)


  • M6 Carnifax (Pistol)
  • Arc Pistol (Pistol)
  • M25 Hornet (SMG)
  • M300 Claymore (Shotgun)
  • Disciple (Shotgun)
  • Geth Plasma Shotgun (Shotgun)
  • Graal Spike Thrower (Shotgun)
  • M37 Falcon (Rifle)
  • M76 Revenant (Rifle)
  • M98 Widow (Sniper)
  • Geth Pulse Rifle (Rifle)

N7 – Ultra-Rare:

  • Scorpion (Pistol)
  • M99 Saber (Rifle)
  • M77 Paladin (Pistol)
  • M11 Wraith (Shotgun)
  • Black Widow (Sniper)
  • Javelin (Sniper)
  • M358 Talon (Pistol)

There is also one exception: The Collector Assault Rifle, which is a GOLD, but comes with the art book, so it isn’t like the other weapons and it doesn’t appear in any of the packs.

Other Items


  • Consumables
  • Some Weapons Mods


  • Some other Weapon mods


  • Respec Kits.
  • consumable quantity increase

You can get weapons up to level 10 (X) and mods up to level 5 (V).

Source : Link , Question Author : Sterno , Answer Author : Rare Candy

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