What can the Pyro return to sender using the compression blast?

What exactly can the Pyro’s compression blast affect? I’ve reflected rockets back at soldiers, but I’ve had very sketchy luck trying to bounce other things back at enemy players.


You can reflect:

  • Reflected Rocket kill icon Soldier Rockets (all types)
  • Reflected Flare kill icon Pyro Flares (all types)
  • Reflected Grenade kill icon Demoman Grenades (all types)
  • Reflected Sticky kill icon Demoman Sticky Bombs (Sticky Bomb Launcher/Scottish Resistance)†
  • Reflected Arrow kill icon Huntsman arrows (which can headshot enemies)
  • Reflected Sandman ball kill icon Sandman Baseballs
  • Reflected Sandman ball kill icon Wrap Assassin Ornaments
  • Crusader’s Crossbow arrows
  • Rescue Ranger bolts (will damage opposing buildings but not repair friendly ones)
  • Mad Milk
  • Jarate
  • Level 3 Sentry Gun Rockets

When you reflect projectiles they are promoted to minicrits (if they weren’t), change sides with your team and ownership to you (with the exception (†) of stickies). This means, however, that they will still do splash damage to you should they explode too close. As for stickies You can still push those off points and doors, however, or even push them below the demoman’s feet.

You cannot reflect:

  • Hitscan shots — anything which is a “bullet” and appears as streaks rather than projectiles
  • Syringe Gun needles
  • Bison and Pomson projectiles (you can reflect Cow Mangler beams, however.)

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