What counts as “not killing humans”?

There is achievement in Prey (2017) called “Do not harm” (or something like this), and you need to finish game without killing a single person during your playthrough. But what counts as killing human? There are at least several situations I’m concerned in:

  • breeding mimics – you are not killing person, you just let mimics to attack it;

  • When human, being controlled by typhon, has his head exploded (I’m still not sure, what causes this)

  • When false cook quest ends, and this person triggers utilization grenade on himself.

So, can someone answer me, which of situations above may lead to achievement failure?


As for what doesn’t count as killing a human:

  • Mind-controlled enemies exploding when they approach you do not count as kills
  • Phantoms with a name does not count as a kill.
  • Ignoring Quests that require you to save someone do not count as you killing them

Some tips to get this achievement:

  • Take care with recyclers and explosions.
  • Remember to save any human just in case, as it is very possible this will impact the achievement
  • Use the Stun Gun to render humans unconscious
  • Periodically check the “humans killed” stat to see if you killed someone and you need to reload (or start again in the worst cases)

Some people get a single human kill when they enter the Crew Quarters near the Telepath (on the same zone).

I hope you get it eventually, it’s not as hard as it seems.

Source : Link , Question Author : lentinant , Answer Author : Vemonus

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