What creatures fit into the different soul gem sizes? [duplicate]

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How do I know what type of soul a creature has?

There are a few questions on soul gems and how they work or where to find them, but nothing on which creatures fit into which sizes of soul gems.

There are petty, lesser, common, greater and grand soul gems, as well as black soul gems.

So instead of me taking one of each gem and seeing what soul gets put into what gem, I’d like to get someone to tell me quickly which creatures can fill which soul gems.


The rule of thumb when hunting animals is that:

  • Any weak hostile animal or passive animal will go into a petty gem (rabbit, fox, goat, wolf, dog, chicken, mudcrab, slaughterfish, cow, elk, skeever).
  • Any moderately powerful animal or rare passive animal will go into a lesser gem (sabre cat, horse, snow fox, pit wolf, ice wolf, charus).
  • The strongest animals go into a common gem (bears, charus reapers)
  • The very largest animal (mammoth) goes in a grand gem.

When fighting Draugr and the undead:

  • The basic form (draugr, skeleton) goes in a petty gem.
  • The slightly stronger forms (restless, wight) go in a lesser gem.
  • The stronger forms (sourge, overlord) go in a common gem.
  • The strongest forms (deathlord) goes in a greater gem.

When fighting Atronachs:

  • Flame atronachs go in lesser gems.
  • Frost atronachs go in common gems.
  • Storm atronachs go in greater gems.

When fighting Skyrim’s natural monsters:

  • Trolls and spriggans go in lesser gems.
  • Frost trolls and hagravens go in common gems.
  • Giants and wispmothers go in greater gems.

When fighting Falmer:

  • Most falmer (falmer, gloomlurker, skulker) go in lesser gems.
  • Stronger falmer (nightprowler, shadowmaster) go in common gems.

Dwemer constructs are machines, and as such do not have souls.

Grand gems are only needed for Ghosts and Mammoths, making fighting these creatures desirable for the best enchantments. They can also be used to capture “special” enemies, such as the Dragon Priests. Dragon souls are consumed by the Dragonborn; you cannot soul trap Dragons. Black soul gems are used for capturing the souls of creatures normally protected by Arkay – NPCs of any of the playable races. Their souls are of “Grand” size, making them also desirable for the best enchantments. Soul gem fragments are broken soul gems, and are not useful for anything.

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