What crew do I need to complete the SemiConductors R&D project in Project Space Station?

So I’m playing Project Space Station in DOSBox. I’m doing the “Semi-Conductors” R&D project.

So far I’ve made a few breakthroughs and my current revenue is 250, but I can’t seem to get past this:

The game keeps saying:

A key scientist is needed for our research to continue. Check project description for who is needed.

My crew lineup for the project is (in order, but i’m not sure if order is important):

  • Finworth (Chm)
  • Rivera (Mat)
  • McFarlan (Mat)
  • Whiting (Cmp)

How can I complete this?


I’m not sure if this helps but on every mission that you do there is a project description option that suggests what kind of staff you need on each mission. like the picture below. So pick accordingly.
Found insight on this site hopefully, this helps!

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Pure.Krome , Answer Author : artista_sin_nombre

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