What defines a game’s “replay value”?

I’ve heard the term “replay value” thrown around a lot in many game reviews and some publications.

As implied from the question, what does it mean? What actually defines it? Is it how long it takes to play the game? The number of assets in the game? How engaging the game is? How good looking the game is?


Replay value is simply a generic term for “What could motivate people to play the game again after playing through it once?”

Neither the time to play through or the graphics have anything to do with that.

Examples for factors that add to replay value:

  • Branching story where players might play again to experience the other branches.
  • Extensive character customization that might get players to try to play through using a different play style, e.g. stealth vs brute force.
  • Randomization where players experience only some parts of all that the game might have to offer so they play again to maybe experience the other parts. This can also be randomized item drops in diablo-like games.

Source : Link , Question Author : childe , Answer Author : Morfildur

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