What determines how much experience I get from a hearthstone match in play mode?

Sometimes I win handily and get a little experience, sometimes I squeak out a victory and get a lot. How is experience earned?


/u/Reaa over at reddit did some experiments which seems to line up with my experiences:

  • number of turns do not matter, we tried spaming end turn till both were out of cards => 0 exp
  • time doesnt matter, we had a short break midgame, didnt change the exp at all
  • one player finishing the other who does nothing = normal exp for the first, 0 exp for the 2nd
  • both player trading cards until both run out of cards = shitload of exp
  • you cant get more than 1 level up per game, excessive exp is saved

The primary (only?) factor for experience gained seems to be cards played. Either the more cards you play the more experience, or the more rounds played where at least one card is played. I then imagine there is a multiplier for winning, seems to be about 1.5x.

To date, there is no published formula. Also, since there isn’t actually a “number” associated with your experience (just an arbitrary bar), it can’t be calculated by players.

Source : Link , Question Author : thekbb , Answer Author : ahsteele

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