What determines the quality of loot in horadric caches?

Ofcourse your character’s level and the random factor affect what you get in the caches, but is there anything else that has influence on the loot from a cache? For example, does it matter on what difficulty I complete the bounties? Does it matter on which difficulty I open them? Anything else?

For clarification, I’m talking about the reward you get from completing all bounties in one act in adventure mode. A new feature in the Reaper of Souls expansion. Upon completing all bounties in one act you get a one time use cache which drops some loot when used. It usually drops a few crafting materials, some rift keystone fragments and a couple of blues and yellow. I’ve had one legendary so far out of 4 or 5 caches.

I understand there isn’t nearly enough data from the community yet to answer this question based on results. But if someone had a link to a blue post explaining this or perhaps an ingame reference that answers this, that would be awesome.
Damn it, I might just spend the next few evenings farming normal – T1 caches and see if I get significant differences in drops :D.


As of patch 2.0.5. Caches have a greater chance to drop legendary items on Torment2+ difficult level.

Now have an increased chance to drop Legendary items on Torment II –

The cache will contain items that match the level of the game that the cache was received in. Even if you change to a higher level and open the cache. The level of the items will still be the level you received the cache.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kevin , Answer Author : prolink007

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