What determines where XM is generated?

As far as I can tell, XM seems to be almost randomly placed, except for certain places which have an unusually high concentration: For example, our town recently opened a Five Guys Burgers and Fries (which was a relatively large local event). In a town with approximately four or five “dots” every quarter-mile, the road in front of Five Guys has literally hundreds of “dots”.

Conversely, a nearby cemetery is also covered in XM, and has not been included in any recent news or significant traffic.

I’d like to know what the factors are for generating XM so I can plan out my routes to cross nearby concentrations. Portals obviously generate XM, but what other factors go into it?


XM is generated:

  1. Always around portals
  2. Conspiracy theory – I believe Niantic labs is using one of the google location based services (maybe mobile maps or something more fun like g+ posts/connections) to estimate the traffic and put more XM there where people go (not only go but spend a lot of time). What I noticed:

    • Busier train and bus stations generate more XM
    • More XM is generated close to crossings (where people have to stay and wait for the green light)
    • Almost no XM is generated along the roads (which have an intensive traffic and drivers are often using phone navigation etc)
    • Somehow there is relatively few XM in public parks (at least in Germany)
    • Almost no XM along the train rails (looks like XM is generated only on slow moving/standing people)

Notes about XM:

  • One unit of XM is represented by 3 white dots which are moving around the center of XM unit
  • In order to suck in an XM unit a player must have an invisible XM unit center inside his action range
  • XM units seem to have different energy potentials ranging from 25 to 55
  • Yesterday I observed a train station platform of a middle size town, not so much traffic but enough (rush hour maybe 100-200 people standing there), XM was spread over platform unequally and was concentrated close to the underground entrance to the platform (where most of travelers stand and all of them go through)

Source : Link , Question Author : wersimmon , Answer Author : Qwerty

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