What do Demon Seals look like and how do I destroy them?

I’m in Wonder City now, and the destructible items in this area are Demon Seals. After interrogating a Riddler Informant, I have the location of one of these items marked on my map. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell where the item is vertically, and I have no idea what I’m looking for. The specific location is in the Wonder Tower Foundations just below the center of where the walkways cross.

I thought it was this demon-like looking head above the Wonder City sign on the elevator shaft and below the two lights, but none of the weapons in my arsenal seem to affect it.

Am I looking at the wrong item?


They have pointy ears and yellow eyes. If you’re in detective mode, you can see a hint of their eyes glowing. They also have a ring at the bottom.

Found at nowgamer.com

You want to use the batclaw on them and pull them off the wall.

Found the image on the nowgamer.com guide, if you need a guide.

Source : Link , Question Author : FAE , Answer Author : Doozer Blake

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