What do I do with all this money?

I am still pretty new to this awesome game, but I’ve got a ton of money from mining minerals and selling all sorts of stuff.

I’ve bought the miner’s helmet, and some dynamite and a few other things but it seems like there should be more expensive items. Maybe I’m missing something? I have 4 NPCs (Nurse, guide, merchant, demolition), do future NPCs have better wares? Does the merchant ever get new items? What’s the point of all this sweet sweet cash?


Coins don’t play a very crucial role in the game. However, there is more to buy than you’ve seen thus far.

Just a sample:

  • The arms dealer sells the Minishark for 35 gold and also the illegal gun parts for 20 gold. The minishark is one of the most powerful guns pre-hardmode.
  • Some items like Purification Powder can only be bought from NPC’s. If you care to clear the world of corruption you’ll need to spend a good bit of cash on this.

Also, NPCs will have new items for sale after you defeat the Wall of Flesh.

Source : Link , Question Author : theChrisKent , Answer Author : angussidney

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