What do the numbers in the end credits mean?

If you look carefully at the Portal 2 end credits (found here, spoiler warning), you’ll see the following numbers at the top of the screen:


Is there meaning behind these numbers, or are they just random?


On map sp_a4_finale4, with setpos 2.67 1002 45.6 under sv_cheats 1 (and noclip?) you are placed at an interesting position. You are placed between GLaDOS and the stalemate resolution button, properly between the beginning of the lines. So the coordinates could be taken from where the dragging animation starts if I’m not mistaken…
I haven’t checked all levels as I don’t have time for that at the moment.

Go ahead and check the location; but perhaps, there might be more meaning to these coordinates.

Thinking about the connection between the song and that location, it does refer to the location where that she gets back in control of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center…

Source : Link , Question Author : Keaanu , Answer Author : Tamara Wijsman

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