What does a Scavenging Station do and how do I use it?

I’m at a loss here. I’ve built a Scavenging station and I assigned one of my settlers to it.

I can’t seem to harvest anything from it, use it in any way or see the benefit of having one.

What is the purpose of this thing?


You can’t do anything at a scavenging station personally; it has to be operated by an NPC.
From what I can surmise, you have to enter workshop mode, select a spare settler (when you have settlers, of course), and then assign that settler to work at the scavenging station. You also have to select the scavenging station, and assign it to be worked at by the settler.

Source: This question posted earlier on Stack.

Each assigned scavenging station adds one random resource to your workshop inventory for every 8 in-game hours, for a total of 3 resources per game day. It may also respawn random resources near your settlement.

Source: This post on Reddit.

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