What does flight assist do? Is there any reason to disable it?

I noticed in the controls there’s a button to disable flight assist, but when I press it, I have a harder time controlling my ship. Is there any real benefit to disabling flight assist? Or is it just a hardmode for people with a HOTAS?


Flight assist allows you to fly your ship in a way that makes playing the game enjoyable, without having to try to press 27 buttons at the same time.

Basically Flight assist allows you to fly your spaceship as though you were in an athmosphere, e.g. if you stop accellerating it will slow your ship down, rather than continue on forever as would happen with a rocket.

Many players turn off flight assist for short periods of time during combat, or to gain stealthy entry to a space station. When flight assist is off you can accelerate away from something and shut off your engine, you will then continue to float in that direction,but with very little heat etc. With flight assist on, once you stop accelerating in that direction, you stop.

There are loads of videos showing players using flight assist off to great effect

Source : Link , Question Author : Unionhawk , Answer Author : Nishi

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