What does “frags” mean?

While playing League of Legends, I read the word “frags” in chat. It was during the heat of battle so I couldn’t ask my teammates, and I couldn’t find anything on the League of Legends wiki.

What does this term mean?


The term “Frag” comes from the shortening of “Fragmentation grenade”.

Fragging is a macabre ritual of Vietnam in which American enlisted men attempt to murder their superiors. The word comes from the nickname for hand grenades, a weapon popular with enlisted men because the evidence is destroyed with the consummation of the crime.

The original meaning would be classified as friendly fire. But it has evolved to mean murder/kill.

A frag is roughly equivalent to “kill”, with the typical main difference that the player being “fragged” can instantly respawn (play again) in most games, i.e. the “kill” is only temporary. In games it is mainly used as a kill count and score system

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