What does “Kill 50 enemies while on fire” mean?

A mission for the random armor selection is to “Kill 50 enemies while on fire”. I take it to mean that I should kill 50 enemies in total “at very low health”, but getting the counter to increase is very hit and miss.

  • What does “on fire” mean?
  • Is the counter reset each round?


Q: What does “on fire” mean?
A: When your plane is damaged to a certain extent it starts to smoke, this is what’s classed as “on fire”.

Q: Is the counter reset each round?
A: No the counter is not reset.

What this objective fails to mention is that you have to kill your enemies by ramming into them. This is not at all clear and so leads to confusion.

Source : Link , Question Author : BudgieInWA , Answer Author : DMK

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