What does overclocking do to me?

I enabled one of the experimental augments and now my augments screen indicates Jensen is running at 150%

I assume there’s some kind of negative penalty for this. What happens if I don’t shut off another augment to bring this back down to 100%?


I’ve recently found this video that explains different stages of overclocking and their consequences.


150% – you’ll experience aug glitches similar to those you had before coming to Koller (like radar reseting)

300% – you’ll start see some strange visual artificts (like those you could see in real world if you video card malfunctions). Some augs could backfire, killing you (explosive nano blades on video)

350% – you’ll experience periodical resets of your vision. After several of them you’ll have an infolink call with Koller and he’ll give you a final wanring to reduce the overclock

450% – you’ll experience a reboot. During it you won’t see anything on your HUD, you won’t be able to use any augs. After reboot is done (around 15 seconds) you’ll have an infolink call with Koller where he blames you for not being careful and you discover that one of your regular augs has shutdown permanently i.e. it will be marked the same way if you’d disable it manually but this time there won’t be any way to re-enable it. This will effectively reduce the overclock to 400% so you will no longer lose anything but all the above glithces will remain

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Demarsch

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