What Does Plum Juice Taste Like?

So, apparently everyone in town received some Christmas gifts in Die2Nite, including a Utility Belt, a Letter With no Address, and a vial of Suspicious Looking Plum Juice. Now, I do love Plum Juice dearly, so normally I’d just quaff it in one go, but a few things are stopping me.

  • There is a little skull and crossbones in the icon for the Juice – It matches the one in the icon for Poison. Hmmm…
  • I was warned, as was everyone else involved in the game a few days beforehand with the following: “Don’t drink the Plum Juice!”

Does anyone know definitively what the Plum Juice does?

Here is some information and speculation from a current member of my town:

Apparently it does absolutely nothing,
according to the forums, making it
really only useful for cooking meals?

I think, unless it’s a joke by the
developers, that it has a delayed
effect, maybe giving you an infection
in a night or two. This way they’d
trap the most people into drinking it.


Given a hero with a kitchen, it can be “cooked” into a delicious meal with 100% success rate. That food can be eaten with no ill effects… so far.

As for eating before cooked, I haven’t been in a position where I was OK with dying so I haven’t tried it out.

Source : Link , Question Author : GnomeSlice , Answer Author : authenticgeek

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