What does the chat message “rp” mean at the end of a round?

After a round of Heroes of the Storm, two players typed “rp” in chat instead of the customary “gg”. One player was speaking in Spanish at the start of the round, so I assume it’s just the local version of “gg” – but what does it stand for?

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A Google search in both English and Spanish turned up nothing useful because of the much more common meanings of “rp” in gaming.


It means “Ranked Points”

“I carried you” or “Here are your free ranked points” if you’re feeling snarky

“Yay we’re about to get a ton of ranked points” if you’re feeling cocky

It’s not a very good or well thought out replacement for “GG”, but hey what can you do

Source : Link , Question Author : nneonneo , Answer Author : FoxMcCloud

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