What does the medallion next to a message signify?

In Dark Souls 3 (and some of the previous games in the series, if I remember correctly), messages on the ground have a “medallion” to the left of the message text, as pictured below:

enter image description here

The majority of messages I see in-game have the style of medallion shown in the picture above, but I have seen a few that are gold or blue, and have different designs on them. I know the “bell” design signifies that the message is a “system” message (i.e. a message that was hard-coded into the game), but I’m not sure about any of the others.

Does anyone know what the different medallion colors/designs mean? My google-fu is normally pretty strong, but it has failed me when it comes to answering this question.


It’s related to the number of ratings the message has received. The higher the number of ratings, a different medallion picture displays.

Source : Link , Question Author : pushasha , Answer Author : Anastasios Kyriacou

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