What does tryhard mean exactly?

So, tryhard.

I’ve seen the word used in many contexts, with seemingly different meanings.

In some places, it seems to qualify a type of game or game element (specific characters or subsystems) that requires immense amounts of training to master.

Other times, I’ve seen it used to describe a kind of self imposed challenge, voluntarily making the game harder to win.

And finally, it seems to sometimes refer to certain players, persistently failing at playing a game.

Question is, is there a generally accepted/canon definition for the word ?


Well, when I’ve used the term tryhard I usually referenced players which are taking the game way too seriously and act like their life depends on it.
That is a completely opinion based thing though, as I am playing games like DotA entirely for fun. If I meet a player in a public, unranked queue that wants to try out advanced tactics he has seen watching pro matches, I tend to think “what a tryhard”, while others who take the game more serious than I do would appreciate that motivation the player is showing.

To summarize: tryhards are players who take the game more serious than I (or someone else) do. Obviously that is opinion based and I’d count it as an insult, therefore I am not using the term tryhard in general.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nigralbus , Answer Author : Marv

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