What does turning off mob griefing actually do?

In Minecraft, there are several commands that can be employed to make the game a little easier, without actually affecting the difficulty, such as /keepInventory and /mobGriefing.

However, what does /mobGriefing actually affect? The main things are creeper explosions, and Endermen picking up blocks, but does it affect any thing else? For example, would this affect farms, if a mob jumped on farmland? And does it affect hostile mobs only, or all mobs?


The mobGriefing rule affects the following:

  • Mobs trampling farmland
  • Mobs picking up dropped items (zombies, villagers, etc.)
  • Zombies breaking doors
  • Sheep eating grass
    (sheep will still regrow their wool, but the block will not change from a grass to a dirt block)
  • Villagers harvesting/replanting farmland
  • Dragon destroying blocks
  • Wither explosions destroying blocks (both initial explosion and witherskull projectile)
  • Creeper explosions destroying blocks
  • Endermen picking up blocks
  • Silverfish hiding in stone
    (Silverfish will not reinhabit stone blocks after roaming)
  • Silverfish calling for help out of nearby blocks destroying said blocks
  • Snowmen leaving snow traces
  • Rabbits eating crops
  • Blaze fireballs creating fire
  • Ghast fireball explosions destroying blocks

(the above was taken from the game code)

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben , Answer Author : Wrigglenite

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