What dungeon-based game has a mirror that creates a replica of your character?

I had played a game once as a child and yesterday I encountered a picture of it (given below) so I want to know which game it is.

image I found

It was on one of those ‘Only 90’s kids will remember’ posts on Facebook.

When I had played I guess I used to play using arrow keys to move and the shift key to attack, but I don’t remember exactly. There was one level in which you go into mirror and then it creates a replica of your character and it runs and we have to chase through levels and there were spikes too which used to cause instant death.

That’s all I remember. Can someone tell which game it is?


That’s the original Prince of Persia game. Fun fact: It actually came out for computers pre-PC days, on the Apple IIe.

Source : Link , Question Author : Shubham Wagh , Answer Author : Frank

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