What features differ between the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Minecraft?

What differences does the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft have compared to playing on the PC?

To clarify – I’m concerned more about the differences exclusive to each platform, not just differences of features that will probably be added in future updates (for example, crafting). Otherwise, I feel this question could be compared to “What is the difference between Minecraft version x and version y“, which isn’t what I’m asking.


According to the Minecraft Wiki, the Xbox version is closest to Beta 1.8.2. It is expected to be updated again.

Here are a few key differences between the versions. The full current list can be found here.

  • Local 4 player split-screen multiplayer (requires HDTV, won’t work on SD)
  • Limited to 8 player online play (apparently cross platform multi, but not too sure about that)
  • Newly designed crafting system
    • Seems to use a list for crafting, so you don’t need to remember recipes
  • World’s limited to 862x862x128 blocks (PC is ∞X∞X256, expected to be increased in later versions)
  • Cannot change difficulty mid-game
  • Can’t use mods, texture packs, or add player skins (8 skins included in game)
    • Texture packs and mods support is expected much later
  • Includes tutorial mode
  • Kinect support is expected to be added later


As of October 12th, 2012, the Xbox version was updated to include all features listed (here)

Source : Link , Question Author : PileOfDuty , Answer Author : ChargingPun

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