What happened to my face?

I bought Dragon Age: Origins — Ultimate Edition, and installed it on my computer. Registered the game, registered the DLC it comes with, and go to create a new character.

Male humans apparently lack a model at all (they are just floating hair and a set of mysteriously floating clothes), and while the female humans had a model, trying to change to one of the other preset faces gave me the following:

alt text

alt text


This is a brand new, clean install. Has anyone else experienced this bug and/or knows how to fix it? I just finished 2 days of downloading the damn thing, and I’d rather like to avoid having to do that again.


EDIT: I have determined that the cause of this was my use of the low graphics setting in addition to / in spite of everything else. After upping the graphics, all instances of this problem went away — and I can see all of Fereldyn in its bloodstained glory.


I started up the game later today, tried again, and found the bug still in place. I later get a notice that DA:OUE has downloaded a 130 mB patch. I even later get another notice from steam about DA updating.

The end result is that after restarting Dragon Age for the 5th time or so, all traces of this bug have vanished. Male humans have bodies, and female humans aren’t…special. I’m going to chalk this one up to a hiccup in the graphics code…

(I did verify the game files as was suggested by Xantec, above, but that action alone did not fix the graphics glitch)

Edit: Hm. It looks like my troubles may not be finished after all…
alt text

I think there’s something wrong with one of the dwarves in that picture, but I just can’t put my finger on it.

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