What happens if a hearthstone game is unwinnable for both players?

Consider the case where both players (Warlocks) have Mal’Gannis who has been reduced to one power by damage plus Crazed Alchemist or Reversing Switch. Each player also has a Stoneskin Gargoyle with taunt from Rusty Horn (to make the board even more unchangeable we can give each Stoneskin Gargoyle +1 health from Armor Plating). Both players have nothing else on the board and no cards in their deck or hand.

Each turn, neither player will be able to kill the opposing Stoneskin Gargoyle and neither player can take fatigue damage due to their characters being immune. Will the game go on until one player surrenders, or is there some mechanism for detecting nothing changing/loops for umpteen turns and declaring the game a draw?


So while looking into the effects of Immunity, I found this little tidbit:

Immune effects will not prevent the game from ending automatically at the start of the 90th turn. {Hearthstone Mythbusters}

In the provided video, the two testers have Mal’Gannis on the board and continue to pass the turn to each other. Immunity is protecting both from fatigue damage, but both heroes explode on the end of the 89th turn. In reviewing notes about turns:

Each game of Hearthstone has a limit of 89 turns. At the start of the 90th turn, both heroes will explode, and the game will end in a draw. This means that Player 1 has 45 complete turns (turn 1, 3, 5… 87, 89), while Player 2 has 44 complete turns (turn 2, 4, 6… 86, 88). Player 2 does not start turn 90, he will not draw a card nor will start of turn triggers happen. This limit is very rarely reached, due to fatigue damage.

It seems to be, no matter how you have an Infinite Stalemate setup, both players can continue to play until the game forces both to “give up”.

Source : Link , Question Author : lazarusL , Answer Author : NBN-Alex

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