What happens if I buy a landmark in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood?

When I buy a landmark, it says “upgrade”, but after buying, it still remains broken. 🙁 The income of Rome increases, though. Will the broken buildings/landmarks heal over time?

Does buying a landmark help rebuild the city? I am asking because even if I buy one, it still remains broken.


The landmarks will not heal over time, they are just 1000+ year old buildings that cost a lot of florins (The Colosseum is 1425 years old in game at the start). They are simply part of purchasing (rebuilding is the wrong word in this case) all of Rome which gives you a trophy on PS3? (no achievement on 360) and the auditore cape which keeps your wanted level down to 0% all the time. They are also where you find the 6 temples of Romulus and the subject 16 Puzzles.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sisir , Answer Author : Supercereal

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