What happens if you don’t attend to a critically low stat?

If you were to just ignore users, or quality, for example, will it cause problems beyond not having the hearts?


If you ignore a critical stat for too long, you get shut down. If you have a flag, you can use it to save yourself. From my tests on an abandoned Stack Exchange site:

  • You can always ignore a critical stat three times.
  • You can ignore a critical stat four times, unless something else would cause it to decay faster.
    • A downvote causes Users decay.
    • Low Questions causes Answers decay.
    • High Traffic causes Quality decay.
  • You can never ignore a critical stat five times in a row.

If you simply want to be safe, ignore three times. If you are attempting a perfect game, look for situations where you can ignore four times.

Source : Link , Question Author : E-Rock , Answer Author : Rainbolt

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