What happens when you die in Borderlands 2?

What are the penalties upon death? I know money is lost, but how much? Is it a percentage of money in hand, or is it based on level? Are stats affected? How much progress do you lose? Do you lose any items in your inventory? Do the enemies reset? Do you go to the nearest checkpoint or the last one triggered (with the “saving” Borderlands logo)?


When you run out of health points in Borderlands 2 you enter a ‘Last Stand’-style mode, on your knees and able to crawl very slowly. If you manage to get a kill with your parting shots (or an enemy you set on fire/acid/shock burns down on its own) you can gain a second wind, reviving yourself with a bit of health.

Alternatively a team mate can revive you, similar to in other first person shooters (ie: Left 4 Dead)

If you are not revived in time, you will die and be reconstructed at your last New-U Station, for which you will be charged a reconstruction fee. The fee for respawning at a New-U station costs 7% of a character’s money. For example, if the character carries $1,000, the fee would be $70.

Source : Link , Question Author : Wolf , Answer Author : Orc JMR

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