What happens when you die?

Diablo’s first and second installments handled death differently, both in terms of exp\gold penalties and also in if you respawned or not or instead had to reload from an earlier point.

In Diablo III what happens when you die?


As of patch 2.0.1, you are now given 3 options when you die (after a 3 second timer):

  1. Respawn at your corpse
    • Has a countdown of 5 seconds
    • Limited to a total of 3 times within a short period of time
    • Cannot be used during boss fights.
    • Seems to replenish a ‘charge’ once every 1-2 minutes.
  2. Respawn at the last checkpoint
    • Instant
    • No limit to number of times
  3. Respawn in town
    • Instant
    • No limit to number of times

Source : Link , Question Author : Ender , Answer Author : l I

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